What if your diversity and inclusion efforts could make a dramatic difference?


You want measurable, effective, and lasting results with your diversity programs. You wish your efforts could make a difference at work, in your community, and in the world. You want diversity to be much, much more than a “flavor of the month.”

I believe it's entirely possible to get effective and lasting results from your D&I efforts, because when you understand how to fully connect with everyone in your organization, you'll engage employees, increase innovation, and decrease turnover.

I have:

  • Helped Fortune 500 clients hone their diversity and inclusion strategy, curriculum, and measurement plans.

  • Provided intercultural competency coaching to C-suite and senior leaders, helping them improve business efficiency and effectiveness through a better understanding of their approach to cultural differences.

  • Developed and facilitated enterprise-wide cross-cultural competency training in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

And I can help YOU establish the foundation, tools, and resources necessary to integrate and sustain diversity in all lines of your global organization.

I'll challenge you to become more aware of your assumptions about yourself and others, assess your understanding of "right" and "wrong" behavior, and develop your insight on how to connect to culture in new ways.

You'll build the skills to influence others on this important topic, effectively connect D&I to organizational goals, and, most importantly, turn concepts into action items.

Let’s begin building measurable, effective, lasting diversity programs that make a difference—for your organization, and even for the world. Connect with me on this site or on social media to get started.

Maximize the power of your workforce beginning today!