I'm Susan McCuistion, and I work with people like you, who want to create connections, shift perspectives, and build bridges for greater success in life.

As a perspective and connection adviser with 18 years of experience in diversity and inclusion, I help people understand how their beliefs and values influence their point of view, and how their viewpoints shape their reality. I work with them to discover new outlooks that help them connect to, and work more effectively with, others.

I take a unique approach to seeing different perspectives, understanding others, and building bridges in understanding through a method I call Compassionate Diversity®.  Compassionate Diversity® looks at 3 phases of building bridges in understanding one other:

  • Comprehension
  • Connection, and 
  • Compassion.

Using Compassionate Diversity®, we must first better understand ourselves and our perspectives, then move to developing compassion through understanding what others truly need from their perspective - not what we think they need.

We can affect lasting change only when we can truly step into another person’s shoes and see from their perspective. That doesn’t mean we have to agree with their perspective... but we do have to recognize it.

I welcome you on this journey to deeper understanding and compassion! I invite you to start with my 7 Day Challenge, or to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Let’s make compassion a way of life!


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