Introduction to HeartMath®

A month long class introducing you to the tools and techniques
of the only scientifically-validated system of practical and
easy-to-use stress intervention techniques.


Results that Count

Stress poisons us. Every stressful event floods us with stress hormones, as harmful to our bodies as rivers of acid. The more stress we have, the more difficult it is for our cardiovascular system, our immune system and even our brains to function well. Chronic stress ages us long before our time, and if left unchecked, can kill us.

HeartMath® is the only scientifically-validated system of stress intervention techniques and objective biometric feedback that quantifiably—and dramatically—boosts the health and performance of individuals and organizations.

Nearly 1,400 people at six global companies showed the following results were sustained after six months after taking HeartMath training:

  • 60% reduction in anxiety
  • 45% reduction in exhaustion
  • 41% reduction in intent to leave the job
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 25% improvement in listening ability
  • 17% improvement in home/work conflict

The Importance of Resilience

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Are you ready to:

  • Feel better more often
  • Boost your performance
  • Find more work/life balance
  • Expand your flexibility and resilience
  • Enhance your decision making and creativity
  • Refine your communication skills
  • Strengthen your personal and professional relationships
  • Reverse the negative impact stress is having on your health, work and quality of life

YES! I want to learn how I can build resilience and reduce the stress in my life using HeartMath®!

Learn HeartMath’s® easy-to-learn,
easy-to-use methods in this
month long course.

You’ll receive personalized instruction and become skilled in basic HeartMath® techniques. We'll focus on the effective integration and application of the HeartMath® system to the areas of your life where you want the most benefit.

This course includes:

  • 2 group coaching calls (one hour each; maximum group size of 10)
  • 2 private coaching calls (50 minutes each, scheduled by you based on your availability)
  • Building Personal Resilience Study Guide (delivered electronically)


Price: $189 ($235 value)




Learn to meet life’s inevitable challenges with poise and resiliency!

"I found [HeartMath] far more powerful than many other programs I had experienced because it dealt with the whole-me, not just me-at-work, me-at-home or me-at-play. I was left with a tool box and a whole lot of work to do for the rest of my life... Anyone working in a stressful, uncertain world would benefit from discovering and advancing their own life plan."

"I practice the techniques in the afternoon, on the way home, and at bedtime, and I don't feel my usual afternoon blahs. Not only that, I'm actually getting a bunch of critical stuff done, and my resting pulse is around 5 beats lower than usual. All I can say is, ‘Wow!’"

"[HeartMath] exceeded my expectations. It has given me a gift of freedom
and peace. In this brief experience I've realized a place within me
that I've been ignoring; I can care again, about me."

"I think for people in high-pressure situations, [HeartMath is] really a fantastic technique …helps you stay under control, think clearly."

"No longer am I coming home from work and banging my head against a brick wall. I have really honed the skills now."

** Important Information **

HeartMath® has developed highly successful programs for self-improvement in mental, emotional and physical balance. HeartMath® Technology, techinques and materials are not intended to replace treatments for medical or psychological conditions by licensed physicians, psychologists or other health care professionals.


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This course includes:

  • 2 group coaching calls (one hour each; maximum group size of 10)
  • 2 private coaching calls (scheduled by you for 50 minutes each, based on your availability)
  • Building Personal Resilience Study Guide (delivered electronically)

Price: $189 ($235 value)

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