Maybe this time is different...

I've been doing diversity & inclusion work for over 20 years, and I've asked a lot of colleagues from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds, "This time feels different to me. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels different. Does it feel like that to you?"
Everyone has answered, "Yes, it does!"

Every. Single. One.

The racism that's been driving our societal systems for centuries has finally reached a breaking point. People around the world are fed up. Some are confused. Others are downright angry.

Whatever you're feeling now is OK. We've never been through anything quite like this before. 

What's not OK is yelling and screaming at other people, regardless of who they are. Screaming and pointing fingers has never solved anything. Neither have arguments on social media.

The sad reality is that facts and figures rarely convince anyone of anything. It's how we feel about it that matters.

Where we make progress is when we have meaningful, heartfelt discussions. When we have a true desire to learn instead of defend. When we actually listen to each other.

We can be compassionate *and* be anti-racist.


Compassionate Anti-racismTM

Based on my signature approach, Compassionate Diversity®, Compassionate Anti-racism™ takes a holistic look at racism and current events, and teaches us how to have meaningful, heart-centered conversations about these difficult topics.

Compassionate Anti-racism is not an excuse for the historic and systemic issues that are in place. Rather, it helps us all understand the complex and different roles we play within the system, and how to connect at the heart to have discussions that actually help everyone (and our society) make progress.

I'm ready now! How do I sign up?

Compassionate Anti-racism is not for you if...

  1. You always know the right thing to say. 
  2. You’re unforgiving of yourself and others.
  3. You’re already a master at navigating difficult conversations. 
  4. You’re not comfortable facing difficult truths about yourself. 
  5. You tend to think there's one "right" and one "wrong" way to do things.
  6. You want everyone to "get it."
  7. You'd just rather not get involved.

However, if...


  1. You're struggling to find the right words to say.
  2. You're OK with messing up every now and then (and you give others space to mess up).
  3. You want to get better at having difficult conversations.
  4. You’re open to taking a hard look in the mirror and want to improve.
  5. You’re open-minded and willing to listen to other perspectives.
  6. You understand that we're all in different places on our journey, based on our personal learning and experiences.
  7. You're willing to share your stories and have meaningful conversations.


Compassionate Anti-racism™ is an interactive, online 4-week program using live seminars and group coaching, along with individual learning to help you:

  • Build self-awareness and personal understanding so you can become more aware of potential limitations in your own perspectives;
  • Learn and practice navigating difficult conversations around racism and related topics with people who think differently than you do;
  • Become a well-balanced advocate in standing for equity and justice for all people.

YES! Let me know how I can be a Compassionate Anti-racist™!

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