Top 5 Benefits of Compassionate Diversity®

The ultimate goal of Compassionate Diversity® is to understand and help others. It’s an active process through which we build skills and knowledge to understand what kind of help is wanted, rather than assuming what is needed.

But it’s not just about others - a big part of Compassionate Diversity® is learning about ourselves, too.

Helping others has many proven benefits that end up with personal pay-offs. In fact, the more we help others, the more we help ourselves.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Compassionate Diversity®:

  1. Making heart connections is good for our own health. Studies have found that helping others builds resilience, reduces stress, and may even increase our lifespan. Through Compassionate Diversity®, we learn how to help others in a more meaningful way, which not only makes a sustainable difference in the lives of those we help, but is good for us, too.

  2. We grow in our self-awareness. Compassionate Diversity® helps us to better understand how we see the world. We learn our values, connect to our beliefs, and deepen our self-understanding. We gain a sense of what motivates us, which gives us a stronger sense of purpose.

  3. We build confidence and self-esteem. Through building our skills and knowledge, we gain the courage to try new things. Helping others gives us the opportunity to practice and learn even more. As we get better at using our skills and knowledge, we build our confidence and sense of worth. It’s a continuous growth cycle.

  4. We learn new ways to see the world. Compassionate Diversity® helps us to discover and explore new perspectives. We learn that there is not just one “right” and one “wrong” way for every situation. Learning about different perspectives helps to open our mind to different possibilities, and to build our problem solving skills.

  5. We increase empathy and understanding. The more we understand about ourselves and others, the better we are at creating deeper, more meaningful relationships. We’re able to connect with others on mental, emotional, and even spiritual levels. As we gain a better understanding of their situations, we are able to help them in more authentic ways.

Compassionate Diversity® teaches us how to make a difference that truly matters - not only for others, but for ourselves as well.

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© 2017, Susan McCuistion

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