7 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Why would we want to change our perspectives?
Well, when we understand things from a different point of view, we can see things in a new light. When we see things in a new light, we might find better ways to solve a problem, more efficient ways of approaching work, or more effective ways to communicate with others. Below are some suggestions for seeing things from different perspectives – some quick and easy, some that take a little longer.

1. Ask questions. Try to remain neutral. “How do you see it?” is less likely to put someone on the defensive than “Why did you do it that way?”

2. When you catch yourself negatively judging another person or something they do, think of 3 alternative ways to view the situation. They don’t have to be the real reason for why the person is doing what they’re doing, just try to make them more positive than what you’re currently thinking.

3. Stand on a chair. OK, if you’re talking to a person, it might be a little strange to jump up on a chair. But if you’re working on a puzzle or trying to find a more efficient flow for an assembly line, getting a little distance might be a good way to shift what you’re seeing.

4. Read a book in a genre you wouldn’t normally read.

5. Watch a controversial movie (think “Crash”) with a friend from a different background and discuss what each of you saw.

6. Learn a language. Nothing shifts perspective like learning another language, because so much of a culture’s beliefs and values are codified in language.

7. Travel to a place you’ve never visited before. It might be a few hours away, it might be half a world away, but changing your surroundings is a great way to get a new perspective.

Understanding things from different perspectives helps us to better understand each other. When we can put ourselves into another’s shoes and really try to understand things from their perspective, we shift the way we see the world.

Take some time to look at things from other perspectives. Experience things that you haven't experienced before. Put yourself in these situations where you are slightly uncomfortable, and see what you learn from it

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